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I am delighted to present to you a special issue of the BJU International this month. Therefore a second issue accompanies the usual monthly edition of the Journal, and I hope that you will particularly enjoy it. It is an issue dedicated to RCC, which has been edited by Cora Sternberg, Darracott Vaughan and myself. It is presented to you as a special issue rather than a supplement because I want it to form part of what will be an extensive series on urological oncology.

We have attempted to include all aspects of the topic, both surgical and medical, with leaders in the field writing about their special areas of interest. We have produced the volume on RCC to coincide with the annual meeting of the AUA, to underscore the importance of the many valuable American contributors to this special issue.

Because of the multidisciplinary approach to urological oncology, we have had many papers from medical oncologists who have already made a major contribution to this field. I hope that we as urologists will read these papers and find them of interest; I also very much hope that the medical oncologists will read the surgical papers. It is in this way that a true understanding of each other’s approaches will be achieved.

As ever, we are not prepared to ‘sit back and relax’. We wish at every stage to bring you a Journal that will be an ever-greater pleasure to read. For this reason, more changes are on the way, which will hopefully raise our product to a new level, and will continue to help with our mission of education and entertainment.

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