This article corrects:

  1. Non-invasive evaluation of tumour hypoxia in the Shionogi tumour model for prostate cancer with 18F-EF5 and positron emission tomography Volume 99, Issue 5, 1154–1160, Article first published online: 19 February 2007

In [1], the following error was present in the submitted manuscript and subsequently appeared Online Early and in the print issue BJU99:5.

PAGE 1154

The list of author’s names.

The tenth author’s name should have appeared as Ladan Fazli and not Ladan Fadzli.

The list of authors’ names should therefore have appeared as follows:

Donald T.T. Yapp, Janet Woo, Aileen Kartono, Jonathan Sy, Thomas Oliver, Kirsten A. Skov, Cameron J. Koch, Hans Adomat, Wieslawa H. Dragowska, Ladan Fazli, Thomas Ruth, Michael J. Adam, David Green and Martin Gleave.