Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery Robert G. Moore, Jay T. Bishoff, Stefan Loenig and Steven G. Docimo ; Taylor & Francis , 2005 ; 905 pp; £195.00; ISBN : 1841841706

Providing a comprehensive review of all aspects of minimally invasive urological surgery is an ambitious undertaking. The authors go a considerable way to achieving it in this textbook. Assisting them are 124 co-authors, many of whom would be considered amongst the ‘Who’s Who’ of endourology. It is well planned, being divided into three sections, i.e. a broad introduction covering basic science, instrumentation and training, and valuable chapters on anaesthetic considerations and the postoperative care of the endourology patient. The remainder is divided into adult and paediatric sections. Chapters proceed from upper to lower urinary tract, with a few miscellaneous topics to conclude. Repetition is kept to a minimum and chapters are balanced in terms of size and number of references. Surgical illustrations are plentiful and the text is well-supported with tables and figures. It is hard to criticise this book in any great detail; certainly a greater use of colour would add visual appeal, as would highlighting areas of particular significance in the text. An accompanying DVD with operative clips might also help. Several even more specialised books are currently available, yet this volume should still hold considerable appeal for those who have occasional or frequent contact with the areas of minimally invasive urology.