It is very interesting and important nowadays to have a prospective study on sexual function after reconstructive urethral strictures. In the reported study [1], there are some missing details, e.g. the date of evaluation after surgery, that in any prospective study must be considered before starting it. The authors only comment on the mean follow-up and the questionnaire results before and after surgery, for ≥4 months after surgery, but they do not give data on, e.g. the basis of 4, 8, 12, 18 and 24 months of follow-up. As there is no structured and validated data in the same period, these data do not probably correlate one to the other in a follow-up data period, and therefore are not useful for a prospective statistical study. The only threshold given is for <1 year or >1 year of follow-up, which is also not valuable, because there can be some modifications of sexuality during this first year of follow-up, as we will show in the future from a prospective study we are conducting at the moment. Results in different periods from the start are not comparable; they must be compared in the same period.