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Heading to Vienna this month?

As far as I’m concerned, there is no more appropriate a city to hold a urology conference than Vienna. During my attendance, I will be reminded of this city’s stature as a long-standing center for excellence in urology. From Leopold von Dittel to Joseph Englisch and Otto Zuckerkandl, Vienna’s reputation in urology continues to this day, characterized by leaders and students who come every year for research and study.

Just like at conferences, I look forward to meeting the readers of BJUI. Come by our exhibition booth ♯DX4 to say hello. There, you will find Audraí and the rest of the BJUI team ready to assist you. While visiting us, be sure to play our fun, interactive ‘Physician Heal Thyself’ game. Don’t forget to also sign up for our e-newsletter and access to the website ( After you register, you will receive one of famous ‘How To’ guides. Last year’s response to these helpful books was so overwhelming that we are bringing them back again this year. At our booth, you’ll be able to see and order selections from our new Zazzle store, including T-shirts and desktop screen savers. Plenty of current and back issues of the Journal will also be available, as well as other goodies just for stopping by. Remember, the early bird catches the worm! So, be sure to visit us early during the conference to receive the best selection of free gifts.

See you in Vienna!

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