Another virtual issue of BJUI is now online

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In keeping with BJUI's mission to provide additional avenues for publication, we are pleased once again to offer a special online edition of the journal. The 22 papers published and presented at focus on two themes: urological oncology and investigative urology. Both disciplines have been represented in the past with their own exclusive online editions.

This particular issue contains many interesting papers covering a wide variety of issues pertinent to these two fields. Several articles deal with bladder cancer, including insights into the value of bladder mapping and extended transurethral resection. There are also papers dealing with prostate cancer, such as how the type of transrectal ultrasound probe influences detection rates on repeat biopsy and the cost-effectiveness of prophylactic antibiotic regimens.

If your interest is investigative urology, you will find two papers on biomarkers related to urethral sphincter reflexes and metastatic RCC. Several rat studies are also presented that deal with such agents as silodosin, elocalcitol, tolterodine, and mirabegron.

Remember, all of these 22 papers can be viewed online and downloaded for free. We hope you will enjoy this virtual issue of BJUI. Know that between the print edition and all of our web-based content, the journal is your one-stop source for the best and latest in clinical and research findings in urology.

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