Fig. S1. Western blot analysis for AR and PSA expression in LNCaP cells after 10 μm bicalutamide (bical) treatment.

Fig. S2. Representative frequency distribution of cathepsin D+ lysosomes in pixels, measured from cells maintained in 10 μm bicalutamide for the indicated time points.

Fig. S3. Representative confocal images of cells maintained in bicalutamide as described in supplementary Figure 2 and stained with cathepsin D antibody and DAPI. Scale bar, 20 nm.

Fig. S4. The average size of cathepsin D+ lysosomes in cells maintained in FBS with vehicle or bicalutamide (bical) for 96 h. In all, 15–25 cells per condition per experiment were analysed, n = 3, error bars indicate sem, **P < 0.01.

Table S1 GI50 values for docetaxel treatment.

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