This article corrects:

  1. An updated prostate cancer staging nomogram (Partin tables) based on cases from 2006 to 2011 Volume 111, Issue 1, 22–29, Article first published online: 26 July 2012

Eifler JB, Feng Z, Lin BM, Partin MT, Humphreys EB, Han M, Epstein JI, Walsh PC, Trock BJ, Partin AW. An Updated Prostate Cancer Staging Nomogram (Partin Tables) Based on Cases from 2006 to 2011. BJU Int; 111: 2229.

A typographical error was identified in Table 2, for the cell corresponding to the probability for EPE in a man with clinical stage T1c, PSA > 10, and biopsy Gleason 4 + 3. The cell should read “38 (32–45)” rather than “28 (32–45).” Also, in the third paragraph of the Results section, the fourth sentence should be changed to “In contrast, the predicted risk of LN+ is no more than 3% for T1c tumours with biopsy Gleason score < 9 for an PSA below 10.”