• coeliac disease;
  • diabetes;
  • prevalence;
  • auto-immunity


Aims  To determine prospectively the prevalence of biopsy proven coeliac disease (CD) in an adult Type 1 diabetic population from Belgium with regards to associated auto-immunity and malabsorption.

Methods and results  Determination in 400 Type 1 diabetic patients of serum anti-endomysial and/or anti-transglutaminase auto-antibodies. All subjects with abnormal serology underwent an intestinal biopsy. Ten patients (2.5%) had positive antibodies. Diagnosis of CD was confirmed by an intestinal biopsy. Eight patients were symptom-free, although laboratory findings suggesting malabsorption were prominent in the presence of CD [microcytic anaemia, iron and folate deficiencies, low levels of 25(OH)vitamin D3, calcium and cholesterol]. Other auto-immune conditions, especially vitiligo, were found in patients with CD.

Conclusions  Asymptomatic coeliac disease occurs frequently in adult Type 1 diabetic patients, and is often associated with subclinical malabsorption. Screening should be part of routine evaluation, to implement life-long dietary gluten avoidance.