• alcohol drinking;
  • sports;
  • public opinion


Introduction and Aims. This study describes levels and predictors of community attitudes towards alcohol, support for structural alterations to the drinking context, and intention to increase participation in community sports clubs.

Design and Methods. Cross-sectional data were obtained from the VicHealth Community Attitudes Survey on Healthy Sporting Environments, administered to a random sample of Victorian adults. Descriptive and multivariate logistic regression analysis was undertaken.

Results. Very high support for removing alcohol sponsorship of community sport and for a levy on alcohol advertising was found. The groups most supportive of breaking the nexus between alcohol and community sport were female, older-aged and non-English-speaking citizens and those not involved in sport clubs. If alcohol sales at community sports clubs were reduced, participation may increase among population groups currently identified as least engaged with community sport.

Discussion and Conclusions. An optimal climate exists for policy reforms to make community sporting environments healthier by reducing the ties with alcohol. If implemented, these reforms may lead to an increase and diversification of participants in community sport.[Tobin CL, Fitzgerald JL, Livingstone C, Thomson L, Harper TA. Support for breaking the nexus between alcohol and community sports settings: Findings from the VicHealth Community Attitudes Survey in Australia. Drug Alcohol Rev 2012;31:413–421]