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Jordanian baccalaureate nursing students’ perception of their learning styles


Dr Fathieh A. Abu-Moghli, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Jordan, Amman 11942, Jordan; Tel: 9626 5355000; Fax: 9626 5355511; E-mail:


Aim:  The purpose of this descriptive study was to determine Jordanian nursing students’ perception of their learning styles.

Method:  All nursing students enrolled in four universities offering a baccalaureate degree in nursing at the time of the research project (n = 420) were approached. A structured self-administered questionnaire (Autonomous Learner Index) developed by the researchers was used for data collection. The questionnaire was pilot tested on a sample of nursing students who were not included in the study. The tool was reliable with an alpha coefficient of 0.89.

Findings:  The majority of Jordanian nursing students perceived themselves as independent learners. The vast majority of students indicated that they have a desire to learn new things, are curious to learn, and can identify their goal independently. However, a low percentage of students indicated having good study skills, ability to concentrate while studying and using their study time efficiently. The two-tailed t-test indicated no significant differences at alpha 0.05 levels between students’ learning preferences and the selected demographic variables.

Conclusion:  Based on the study findings, it is suggested that nurse educators should provide positive reinforcement of students’ active involvement in the learning process, which will stimulate continued self-direction. Moreover, courses on study skills, writing skills, and literature searching skills should be introduced early in nursing curricula.