• Ethics;
  • Nurses;
  • Nursing Home;
  • Residents;
  • Rights;
  • Time

Background:  This article is derived from a more extensive review of literature for a qualitative study that explored the meaning of truth-telling within the care provider – aged resident dyad in high-level (nursing home) aged care.

Aim:  This paper describes through the literature, work practices and the culture of the nursing home as promoting instrumental care, therefore prioritizing doing-for over being-with. The nursing home, starved of time and staff, silences and isolates the aged care resident in an environment that is, arguably, rarely homelike.

Conclusion:  The appraisal of the nursing home offered here means that a number of residents’ rights are at risk and care providers (notably registered nurses and the personal care assistants) risk contravening the Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia.