Menopause: a qualitative study of Jordanian women's perceptions


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Purpose:  The purpose of this descriptive qualitative study was to describe the perceptions of Jordanian midlife women about making the menopausal transition.

Methods:  Audio taped interviews were conducted with 25 peri-menopausal Jordanian women. Interviews were analysed as appropriate for descriptive qualitative inquiry.

Results:  The major theme generated was ‘A Life Transition’, which included: a time of no more reproductive obligations, changing from the burdens and obligations of reproductive roles and responsibilities to freedom, relief and rest; a time for managing peri-menopausal symptoms; and a time for growing into a wise woman and accepting aging as a part of life.

Nursing implications:  These data can assist healthcare providers to provide culturally competent health care to midlife Jordanian women. Support groups may be helpful to facilitate connections between midlife women, increase self-awareness, assist women to come to value their menopausal experiences, to manage their symptoms appropriately through self-care measures and healthcare interventions and to more fully embrace being ‘wise women’.