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Support, satisfaction and retention among Jordanian nurses in private and public hospitals


Raeda Fawzi AbuAlRub, College of Nursing, Jordan University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 1894, Irbid, Jordan; Tel: 962-2-7252-847; Fax: 962-2-7201-065; E-mail:


Purpose:  To investigate the relationships between social support, job satisfaction and intent to stay among Jordanian hospital nurses, and to compare the findings between private and public hospitals.

Design:  A correlational descriptive survey was used to investigate these relationships among convenience samples of Jordanian nurses in public (n = 288) and private hospitals (n = 195).

Methods:  Data were collected using a set of questionnaires that included the McCloskey/Mueller Satisfaction Scale, the Social Support Scale, the McCain's Intent to Stay Scale and a demographic form.

Findings:  The results indicated that when the levels of social support and job satisfaction increased, intent to stay at work increased as well. Nurses with high levels of social support indicated high levels of job satisfaction. Nurses in private hospitals reported higher levels of satisfaction and intent to stay than nurses in public hospitals.

Conclusion:  Nurse administrators and managers need to (1) investigate on a regular basis the contributors to satisfaction, and (2) incorporate support systems in their organizations to promote satisfaction and retention.