Job satisfaction amongst Dutch nurse anaesthetists: the influence of emotions on events


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MEEUSEN V., VAN DAM K., VAN ZUNDERT A. & KNAPE J. (2010) Job satisfaction amongst Dutch nurse anaesthetists: the influence of emotions on events. International Nursing Review57, 85–91

Background:  An ageing population, combined with a shortage of health-care professionals, can result in a decrease in the capacity of health-care systems. Therefore, it is important to explore possible solutions for this problem. By finding methods to increase job satisfaction, it may be possible to retain employees within their profession. In this study, we examined events, their influence on emotions and, consequently, the effect of these emotions on job satisfaction. We attempted to answer the question: Which events and emotions influence job satisfaction?

Methods:   We collected data on events and emotions, and their effects on job satisfaction, amongst Dutch nurse anaesthetists. Participants (n = 314) were asked to complete two questionnaires about events, emotions and job satisfaction at two different times during an average working day.

Results:   One hundred thirty-two nurse anaesthetists from 24 Dutch hospitals participated. Both positive and negative events were significant in the development of positive and negative emotions at the end of the working day. Positive emotions at the end of the working day contributed significantly to job satisfaction. Negative emotions did not have a significant effect on job satisfaction.

Conclusions:   The mediating role of positive emotions in relation to positive and negative events should be taken into account in managing job satisfaction amongst Dutch nurse anaesthetists. Further research is necessary to determine whether the relationship between events and emotions provides a foundation for developing a more positive working atmosphere, and also to explore how hospitals can trigger positive emotions to increase job satisfaction.