• Emotions;
  • Job Satisfaction;
  • Nurses;
  • Slovakia;
  • Subjective Well-being

GURKOVÁ E., ČÁP J., ŽIAKOVÁ K. & ĎURIŠKOVÁ M. (2011) Job satisfaction and emotional subjective well-being among Slovak nurses. International Nursing Review59, 94–100

Purpose:  The purpose of this study is to investigate job satisfaction and emotional subjective well-being and the correlations between these two constructs among Slovak nurses.

Design:  A cross-sectional survey was used to investigate this relationship among nurses (n = 104) working in seven public hospitals in Slovakia.

Methods:  Data were collected using a set of questionnaires that included the questionnaire to measure job satisfaction, the Positive Affect Scale, the Negative Affect Scale and a demographics form.

Findings:  Findings of this study confirmed some general satisfying and dissatisfying elements for the nursing profession across different clinical specialties and different cultures. The results also indicate that there is a positive correlation between positive emotions and job satisfaction of Slovak nurses.

Conclusion:  The paper has drawn attention to the job satisfaction and emotional well-being among nurses. Further studies in this field, extended to different countries, work settings and nursing specialties, may help to improve subjective well-being of nurses.

Study limitations:  Participants came from a limited number of hospitals in Slovakia. A larger sample from different hospitals in Slovakia could have enhanced the generalizability of the results and increased the power of the study to detect significant differences and associations.