Globalization: grasping the concept within the context of nursing


  • Tom Keighley RN, FRCN

    1. Independent Consultant, and Frances Bloomberg International Distinguished Visiting Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
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KEIGHLEY T. (2013) Globalization: grasping the concept within the context of nursing. International Nursing Review60, 86–87

Globalization is a phenomenon traceable historically from the beginning of time as clans and tribes migrated and learnt from each other. The article in this issue of INR by Grootjans and Newman ‘Globalization and nursing: a concept analysis’ (pp. 78–85) makes the case for nurses to be educated about globalization as it applies to modern health care. The concept is complex and requires insight not only into health care itself but also fields such as human migration, economics, the significance of English as a universal language and the use and availability of information technology. Writings on the impact of global technology and social capital are also important. In addressing globalization, nurses need to access research and writings well beyond the standard healthcare oeuvre.