Appendix S1 Predictor variables used in multiple regression models.

Appendix S2 Regression tree showing interactive relationships amongst predictor variables.

Appendix S3 Generalized additive models (GAMs) showing range size relationships with predictor variables.

Appendix S4 Pearson correlations between range size and main predictor variables.

Appendix S5 Cluster dendrograms showing relationships between initial predictor variables.

Appendix S6 Variance inflation factors for main predictor variables.

Appendix S7 Condition indices (CI) for all main predictor variables.

Appendix S8 Box plot of range size within biogeographic realms.

Appendix S9 Moran's I correlograms for each biogeographic realm showing residual spatial autocorrelation (RSA) over distance.

Appendix S10 Model averaged t-values for global ordinary least squares (OLS) non-spatial analysis.

Appendix S11 Variables included in best-fitting models for each biogeographic realm.

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