Figure S1 Height–d.b.h. data for the 14 native species with over 1000 stems in the dataset for which Hcrit could be calculated.

Figure S2 As Fig. 2 in the main paper, with species names included.

Figure S3 As Fig. 3 in the main paper, with species names included.

Table S1 Fitted intercept and gradient parameters for the across-species height–d.b.h. and crown diameter – d.b.h. hierarchical Gibbs regression using species-level covariates.

Table S2 Fitted coefficient and exponent parameters, with 95% credible intervals, for all 26 species fitted together and for each species' height–d.b.h. relationship.

Table S3 Spearman's rank correlation P-values for across-species predicted heights and crown diameters at given d.b.h. and species mean environmental conditions.

Table S4 Priors and initial value sampling ranges for each parameter for the final d.b.h.–height and d.b.h.–crown diameter models.

Appendix S1 Additional detailed Methods and Results.

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