geb778-sup-0001-si.doc200K Appendix S1 Table S1: data sources and methodology by site.
geb778-sup-0002-si.doc369K Appendix S2 Table S2: sites and ancillary data. Figure S1: map of sites. Environmental and forest structural differences across continents.
geb778-sup-0003-si.doc419K Appendix S3 Height–diameter model evaluation. Table S3: description of six height–diameter function forms for comparison. Table S4: nonlinear mixed effects (NLME) analysis for six function forms. Table S5: Pairwise comparison of continent-level height–diameter relationships. Figure S2: Continent-level height–diameter functions resulting from NLME analysis of six function forms. Figure S3: analysis of residuals from NLME models for six function forms. Figure S4: analysis of residuals by continent for best fit NLME model.
geb778-sup-0004-si.doc34K Appendix S4 Analysis of environment, forest structure and wood density covariates. Table S6: nonlinear mixed effects models including environmental/structural covariates.
geb778-sup-0005-si.doc26K Appendix S5 Figure S5: abundance of non-Dipterocarpaceae in Asian forest plots.
geb778-sup-0006-si.doc33K Appendix S6 References for Supporting Information.

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