geb785-sup-0001-si.doc155K Appendix S1 The correlation of mean annual temperature and precipitation with other climatic factors.
geb785-sup-0002-si.doc4786K Appendix S2 Climate change in the study region from 1900–39 to 1970–2009.
geb785-sup-0003-si.doc556K Appendix S3 Schematics for estimating the geographic importance of mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation and their interaction.
geb785-sup-0004-si.doc47K Appendix S4 Limiting analysis to just species with adequate model performance and using different factors expected to impose ‘hard’ limits.
geb785-sup-0005-si.doc42K Appendix S5 Range shifts do not ‘sample’ randomly from zones of limitation.
geb785-sup-0006-si.doc2463K Appendix S6 Temporal changes in the spatial pattern of covariation between temperature and moisture.

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