Adjectives in English are divided into three classes: A, B, and C, according to (i)meaning, (ii) negative prefixation, (iii) qualification by very, (iv) conjunction with other adjectives, (v) position within a noun phrase, In each case, adjectives from A and B exhibit opposing properties and those in C may exhibitproperties of either A or B. Adjectives in Class A are evaluative In meaning, take in-, un- and dis- as negative prefixes, are qualifiable by very, can be conjoined with other Class A adjectives but not with those in Class B, and follow an adjective of age in the noun phrase. Class B adjectives are descriptive, take non- but not un-, in-, dis- as a negative prefix, do not occur with very, can be conjoined with other Class B adjectives but not Class A adjectives, and precede adjecttives of age in a noun phrase.