For women, the sagging of facial skin noticed with ageing is one of the important problems that should be solved. Although conventional skincare cosmetics exist that can prevent sagging, no makeup cosmetics that can correct the appearance of sagging have been developed. The vital factors for an optical rejuvenating makeup were found to be recovery of the skin tension and lightening of the face shadow appearing on sagging skin. Therefore, a hybrid powder consisting of platy barium sulphate on the surface of titanium dioxide-coated mica having red interference light was developed. Results of a panel test showed that almost all panelists noticed the rejuvenating effect of the foundation containing the powder. Image analysis showed that the foundation finish made the face look 12 years younger than the face with no makeup. As the mechanism of the optical rejuvenation, regular reflection of the red interference light from the hybrid powder can give the natural-fresh impression observed for a very young skin, and diffuse reflection of the white light can irradiate the shadow. The development of this innovative shape-controlled hybrid powder offers a new technique for making anti-aging cosmetics. Award winning platform presentation at the IFSCC International Conference 2005, Florence, Italy