Savvas I, Anagnostou T, Papazoglou LG et al. (2006) Successful resuscitation from cardiac arrest associated with extradural lidocaine in a dog. Vet Anaesth Analg 33, 175–178.

In the above paper, published in this issue, two corrections should be noted.

p176 – at the end of the left hand column, the text should read:

Over the next 2 minutes heart rate increased to 45 minute−1 and dobutamine (Inotrex; Lilly France SA, Suresnes, France) was administrated at a rate of 10 μg kg−1 minute−1 rising the heart rate gradually to 80 minute−1. At this point (about 5 minutes after asystole began), the ECG showed normal sinus rhythm.

p177 – left hand column, line 18. The word ‘smaller’ should not have been included in the text

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