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Increasing fish consumption for better health – are we being advised to eat more of an inherently unsustainable protein?


Mike Mitchell, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Young's Seafood and Findus Group, Ross House, Wickham Road, Grimsby DN31 3SW, UK. E-mail:


The health benefits of fish consumption are manifold and well understood from scientific and nutritional perspectives. Yet, seafood is the last great hunted human food resource, and a number of the world's fisheries are currently depleted through overfishing. There is a dilemma for consumers who, in line with UK Government advice, wish to eat seafood as a healthy, nutritious (and tasty) lifestyle choice and their concerns over the sustainability of the fish that they enjoy. This paper explores this dilemma by examining the status of world seafood stocks and discussing some of the strategies used by seafood retailers and brands to ensure that responsible and sustainable choices are available for the UK consumer.