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Can parent-to-parent consultation improve the effectiveness of the Maudsley model of family-based treatment for anorexia nervosa? A randomized control trial



Objective: This paper describes a preliminary randomized control trial that explores the use of parent-to-parent consultations as a potential augmentation to the Maudsley model of family-based treatment for anorexia.

Method: Twenty families were randomized into two groups, ten receiving standard treatment and ten receiving an additional parent-to-parent consultation early on in treatment. Measures of parental efficacy (Parents versus Anorexia Scale), patient distress (Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale) and percentage ideal body weight were taken each week. The effects of parent-to-parent consultations on parental efficacy and weight were analysed by comparing data with random effects models.

Results: A significant treatment effect was found, with parent-to-parent consultations leading to a small increase in the rate of weight restoration.

Conclusion: This practice has the potential to enhance weight restoration when included in the Maudsley model of family-based treatment for anorexia nervosa. Research that tests more potent forms of intervention may also have merit.

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