Book reviews in this article:

Psycho-Analytic Epitomes. Numbers 1–4. Under the General Editorship of Dr. John Rickman.

Der Rhythmus in Der Verbrecher-Handschrift, [Rhythm in the Handwriting of Criminals], By Roda Wieser

Eine Tiefenpsychologische Grund-Lage Zur Klages'schen Grapho-Logie. [A Psycho-Analytic Foundation of the Graphological Method of Klages.] By S. V. Margadant.

Handschrift Und Eigenart Der Krebsgefaehrdeten. [Handwriting and Peculiarity of Persons Threatened by Cancer.] By Etel Vértesi.

Vincent Van Gogh im Spiegel Seiner Handschrift. [Vincent Van Gogh's Personality Reflected in His Handwriting.] By Marguerite Rose and Dr. M. J. Mannheim.

La Graphologie Par Le Trait. By Walter Hegar.

Graphologia. Volume IV, No. 1/2. Prague

Collective Behavior. By Richard T. LaPiere

Religion and the Growing Mind. By Basil A. Yeaxlee

Wunsch Und Pflicht im Aufbau Des Menschlichen Lebens, By Dr, Else Frenkel and Dr. Edith Weisskopf.

Yoga—A Scientific Evaluation. By Kovoor T. Behanan.

The Quest of the Overself. By Paul Brunton.

Discover Yourself. By Paul Brunton.