Schizothymia-Cyclothymia As a Dimension of Personality:

II Experimental1


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    The writer is indebted to Miss Sybil Rostal, who carried out all the testing of both normal and psychotic subjects reported m this paper To anyone who is at all familiar with the difficulties which arise in attempting to make a large number of psychotics undergo every one of a long and tiresome battery of psychological tests. It will be sufficient comment on Miss Rostal's unusual capacities in this direction to say that out of well over a hundred patients tested only one or two failed to finish the whole battery of tests This is an important point as the experimenter's original sampling can be distorted very badly through refusals on the part of certain patients originally selected to finish the testing sessions It may be said with confidence that no such distortion has taken place in the present experiment

  • We are also indebted to Mr A Jonckheere, Mr A Lubin, and Miss J May, who earned out most of the statistical work involved, and to the London School of Economics, which permitted us to use its Hollerith equipment Miss D Campbell, Mr J Singleton, and Miss I Wiltshire performed and checked all computations Thanks are due to the Superintendent of West Park Hospital, for his kind permission to test a small number of depressive patients there Acknowledgment should be made of the co-operation of psychiatrists at the Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals, who helped in the selection of cases and spent much time in clarifying diagnoses Lastly, we wish to thank Col L Bootle-Wilbraham, D S O, M C, for his kindness in allowing us to use soldiers under his command as subjects