The construction and partial validation of an objectively scorable apperception test1


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    In part this article is an adaptation of a doctoral dissertation submitted to the Department of Psychology of the University of Rochester in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Ph D degree Portions of this research were supported by a grant from the Group Psychology Branch of the Office of Naval Research to Dr Vincent Nowlis The author would like to express his appreciation to the members of his thesis committee, Drs Emory L Cowen, Melvin Zax, and Vincent Nowlis, to Dr Benjamin Siegel and the employees of Atascadero State Hospital for their co-operation in a part of the study, and to Revue Studios, University City, California for the loan of “The Crooked Road” Dr Cowen contributed a critical reading of this manuscript as well as invaluable help throughout the research project Portions of the data were collected, and this article was written up, during the tenure of the author as a Post Doctoral Fellow of the National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Service