Ego identity status in college women1


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    The authors express their appreciation to Dr Sheila R Bob and Michael Moses for their assistance in rating interviews and to Dr James Julian for his helpful comments on the manuscript


Ego-identity status was determined for 49 college women and related to difficulty of college major, self-esteem, authoritarianism, and Welsh Anxiety Scale (WAS) scores The modified identity status interview for women included “attitudes toward premarital intercourse” Identity achievements had more difficult majors than identity diffusions Foreclosures were highest in self-esteem and lowest in WAS scores–interpreted either as approval-seeking or as this status's adaptive value for women. They were also highest in authoritarianism Moratoriums were lowest in authoritarianism. Identity diffusions obtained the highest WAS scores Failure to find differences on the Luchins Water Jars task was seen as limiting the range of the identity status constructs.