Relationships among attention, GSR activity, and perceived similarity of self and others1


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    This investigation was supported in part by NIDR Graduate Training Grant DE-170 and in part by Research Grant MH 11989 and Special Fellowship MH 17490 awarded to E S Katkin The authors wish to thank James R, Averill and Richard S Lazarus for their helpful comments


The present study was designed to test the hypothesis that autonomic change is part of the identification process in a non-stressful paradigm Simulated taped interviews were prepared varying the dimensions of amount of work and success in college Emotional expression by the interviewees was kept to a minimum. College subjects responded with a significantly larger number of nonspecific GSRs to a tape identified by them as being more like themselves than to a tape identified as being less like themselves The nonsignificant comparisons of tapes were discussed in terms of the importance of cognitive activity on autonomic responsivity