The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) was administered to 64 young adults whose mothers had participated 17 years earlier in the Sears, Maccoby, and Levin interview study of childrearing A permissive home atmosphere in childhood appears to be related to neurotic (including hypochondriacal) and psychotic disturbances in female young adults, while a cold home atmosphere is related to psychopathological disorders in young adult males Also for young adult males there tends to be an association between an excessively warm-nonpunitive home atmosphere in childhood and the development of strong anxiety and psychotic disturbances Phobic and psychotic disorders tend to have emerged from a cold-punitive home atmosphere for males For females a warm-punitive or permissive-punitive home atmosphere appears to be related to neurotic disturbances and the paranoid reaction These findings were examined with and without K scale corrections with no significant differences in results