Personality and the Catholic religious vocation, II: Self and conflict in male entrants1


  • Luigi M. Rulla,

    1. Gregorian University, Rome
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  • Salvatore R. Maddi

    1. University of Chicago
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      The authors are deeply indebted to Mrs Adolph Lobbia, who as a research coordinator has made sizable contributions at every level of the work, and without whom the study would not have been possible Paul T. Costa, Jr was especially helpful in planning computer analyses. In addition, Sister Joyce Ridick, Father Frank Imoda, Anthony Arnold, and many others participated in scoring and analysing data

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    The research reported here has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF GS–1203), the Foundations' Fund for Research in Psychiatry (FFRP 65–332), and the Social Science Research Council of the University of Chicago