Moral and ego stages in relationship to ego processes: A study of “hippies”1


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    This investigation was part of a larger study of psychosocial factors in drug use supported by NIMH grant #NH15737 to Robert S Wallerstein and Stephen Pittel of Mt Zion Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco The authors are particularly grateful for the suggestions and help of Lawrence Kohlberg, Jane Loevinger, and Carolyn Redmore We also wish to thank Marilyn Miller, who rated interviews for reliability, and staff members of Mt Zion Hospital who generously helped in various ways. Robert Wallerstein, Stephen Pittel, Ricardo Hofer, Linda Hilles, Phyllis Kempner, and Roy Gryler Skillful and conscientious computer operation was provided by Christine and David Day We appreciate Brewster Smith's and Jeanne Block's willingness that we use data from their earlier work with Haan. The authors use the term “Hippie” with no pejorative connotations but rather to designate the subjects' life style