Actual and stereotyped speech tempos of extraverts and introverts


  • This report is based partly upon a thesis conducted by the second author in partial fullfillment for a Master of Arts degree. The authors are indebted to the Computer Center of the University of Maryland Baltimore County for its generous computer support, and to Drs. Jonathan Finkelstein and Thomas Blass for their very helpful critiques.

Requests for reprints should be sent to Stanley Feldstein, Department of Psychology. University of Maryland Baltimore County, Catonsville, MD 21228.


The study examined the actual speech tempos of extraverts and introverts and stereotyped notions about the tempos of extraverts and introverts. Forty-six female undergraduates were divided on the basis of the Eysenck Extraversion Scale into equal groups of extraverts and introverts. Each was asked to talk in a natural manner about $$ TAT pictures, to talk as if she were an extravert or an introvert, and to speak rapidly or slowly. The results indicate that the actual speech tempo of extraverts is faster than that of introverts and suggest that the stereotypes of the speech rates of extraverts and introverts somewhat exaggerate their actual rates.