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When Opposites Attract: A Multi-Sample Demonstration of Complementary Person-Team Fit on Extraversion


  • An earlier version of this article was presented at the Academy of Management Conference in Washington, DC, August 2001.

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Abstract This study assessed the nature of the person-team fit relationships for extraversion on members' attraction toward their teams. Unlike most studies of personality-based fit, which emphasize similarity, we predicted that complementary fit on extraversion (i.e., high individual–low team or low individual–high team levels) would result in greater attraction to the team. Data from two independent samples of intact project teams were analyzed, including 324 MBA students comprising 64 case analysis teams and 217 members of 26 manufacturing teams. Using polynomial regression analysis and three-dimensional surface plots, our results supported the predicted relationship. In addition, the data indicated that individuals who were more attracted to their teams were also better performers, as judged by their peers and supervisors.