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Motive Congruence and Interpersonal Identity Status


  • We would like to thank Daniel Russell and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful and detailed comments on an earlier version of the manuscript. Finally, we very much appreciate the statistical comments on regression analysis provided by Thomas Staufenbiehl.

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ABSTRACT This article examines the relationship between interpersonal ego identity formation and congruence of self-attributed and implicit affiliation motives. A TAT-type picture-story test, the Personality Research Form, and the Extended Objective Measure of Ego Identity Status were administered to 177 participants to assess data on affiliation motivation and interpersonal identity formation. According to a scoring system developed by Winter, the picture stories were coded for need for Affiliation. Analyses revealed that motive congruence is significantly associated with participants' level of identity achievement and identity foreclosure in the interpersonal domain. Such a relationship could not be identified for identity diffusion and moratorium.