Figure S1 Expression of AtAVP1::GUS under control and low Pi. Figure S2 Root development and Pi uptake are enhanced in AtAVP1OX. Figure S3 Shoot and root development of control, AtAVP1OX, LeAVP1DOX and OsAVP1DOX plants stressed with aluminum. Figure S4 Root organic acid exudation and potassium contents of control and AVP1 overexpressing Arabidopsis, tomato and rice plants. Figure S5 Enhanced biomass and seed yields in OsAVP1DOX plants grown under nutrient sufficiency. Figure S6 Ionic content analysis of rice grains from wildtype and OsAVP1DOX plants. Table S1 Effect of Pi content of AtAVP1OX transgenic and Col-0 plants. Table S2 Effect of Pi availability on growth and Pi content of LeAVP1DOX and control plants. Table S3 Effect of Pi availability on growth and Pi content of OsAVP1DOX and control plants. Table S4 Dry weights and tiller number of OsAVP1DOX and control plants grow in normal hydroponics.

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