Figure S1 Comparison of the native TGFβ3 DNA sequence (TGFβ3N) and the synthetic TGFβ3 (TGFβ3O) sequence containing frequent codons present in tobacco chloroplast genes.

Figure S2 Very young leaves of TGFβ3O plants appeared pale-green compared to young WT leaves but rapidly turned green as the leaves matured.

Figure S3 Western blot analysis of TGFβ3 in young (Y), mature (M) and old (O) leaves of TGFβ3N and TGFβ3O plants against known amounts of TGFβ3 standard (STD).

Figure S4 Protein blot analyses on SDS-PAGE fractionated total leaf protein from three TGFβ3O lines (lines 3E, 8H and 9B) from independent transformation events.

Figure S5 Expression of TGFβ3 from plastid transformation vectors p201 and p202 in Escherichia coli.

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