Figure S1 Comprehensive illustration of sterol pathway in plants with the enzymatic steps numbered as in Supplemental Table 1.

Figure S2 Sterol biosynthesis pathway illustrated with structures of isoprenoid and sterol (intermediates and end product) molecules.

Figure S3 A schematic outline of the cloning strategy for constructing recombinant soybean transformation vectors used in this study for phytosterol modification.

Figure S4 PCR analyses for the presence of SMT1 and t-HMGR1 (the catalytic domain of Arabidopsis HMGR1 gene) for the primary transgenic plants.

Figure S5 Mass Spectra of the sterol end products and intermediates analyzed in this study.

Figure S6 Endogenous expression levels of AtSMT1 (AT5G13710), AtSMT2 (AT1G20330) and AtHMGR1 (AT1G76490) during Arabidopsis seed developmental stages.

Table S1 Biosynthetic scheme of reactions from acetyl CoA precursor towards plant sterol biosynthesis.

Table S2 Overview of bioengineering studies towards plant sterol biosynthesis.

Table S3 Details of primers used for generating binary vector constructs for soybean transformation.

Table S4 Primers designed for transgene expression analysis by qRT-PCR.

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