Figure S1 Gene structure and transmembrane topology model of OsPIN2.

Figure S2 Sequence comparison of PIN2.

Figure S3 RT-PCR analysis of seven rice PIN family genes and OsAUX1 in the root and leaf of WT, O1 and O2.

Figure S4 RT-PCR analysis of OsABCB1 and OsABCB19 in the root and leaf of WT, O1 and O2.

Table S1 The primers of OsPIN2 gene.

Table S2 Copy number determined by real-time quantitative PCR in transgenic lines.

Table S3 The primers used for detecting the expression of OsACT, OsTAC1, OsLazy1, OsPINs, OsAUX1, OsABCB1 and OsABCB19 genes.

Table S4 The grain yield of WT and O1 in field plot trail.

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