Table S1 Primers used for expression analyses. Gene details are given in Table 2. F and R refer to ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’ primers.

Table S2 Yield, 1000 grain weight, carbon and nitrogen content of transgenic wheat lines over-expressing TaGCN2 compared with wild-type (cv. Cadenza) controls. The means over the control and transgenic lines are given in bold with SEs.

Data S1TaGCN2 nucleotide sequence data comprising the nucleotide sequence of the TaGCN2 PCR product and wheat genome data ( contig 1723930 (together making up EMBL accession number FR839672), and additional wheat genome data overlapping with the 5 end of FR839672; derived amino acid sequence for TaGCN2; wheat eIF2α nucleotide and derived amino acid sequence.

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