Figure S1 Vacuolar expression of 35S:SaVHAc1-GFP fusion (B) whereas the 35S:GFP (A) showed constitutive expression with very minimal expression in the vacuole in onion epidermal cell.

Figure S2 Enhanced tolerance of transgenic tobacco (SaVHAc1-SR1) plants to salt stress (100 mM NaCl) in comparison to WT-SR1 as evident from the low chlorophyll bleaching in leaf disc float assay (A), less reduction in growth (B), and less reduction in root and shoot length (C).

Table S1 Expression changes in SaVHAc1-rice versus WT (genotype) under control vis-à-vis salt stress condition (environment).

Table S2 Materials and methods – Primer sequences used for expression analysis (s/qRT-PCR) of rice native genes.

Data S1 Materials and methods – microarray protocol.

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