Figure S1 Hierarchical tree of the 16 clusters generated based on similarities in expression profile of probesets expressed in the six seed samples (dry D, 12 and 24 HAI D, dry AR, and 12 and 24 HAI AR seeds).

Table S1 Annotation and fold change of probesets differentially expressed between dry AR and dry D seeds.

Table S2 Validation of the microarray data with qPCR of randomly selected probesets and primers sequences used for the validation.

Table S3 Annotation of probesets differentially expressed by imbibition and ontological categories enriched with these probesets.

Table S4 Annotation of probesets differentially regulated by after-ripening and ontological categories enriched with these probesets.

Table S5 Normalized signals of probesets representing genes involved in plant hormone and carbohydrate metabolic processes.

Table S6 Annotation of probesets regulated by dormancy (from two-way ANOVA analysis).

Table S7 Putative wheat-barley and wheat-Arabidopsis orthologues up-regulated by after-ripening.

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