Figure S1 Electrophoretic analysis of the purified, recombinant PcGCE by (a) Western blot using α-myc antibodies and (b) molecular weight before and after deglycosylation with PNGase F.

Figure S2 Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of basal inflorescence cross-section from Col-0, PcGCE6, PcGCE7 and PcGCE13 labelled with LM10 and control sample of Col-0 with no LM10 added.

Figure S3 Enzymatic hydrolyzability of approximately 5 mg of hand sectioned air-dried Arabidopsis inflorescence stems.

Figure S4 Xylan extraction of approximately 5 mg of Arabidopsis stem alcohol insoluble residues.

Table S1 Summary of morphometric analyses for Col-0 and transgenic Arabidopsis lines 40 days post germination (dpg).

Table S2 Primer sequences used for vector construction and PcGCE subcloning.

Table S3 Quantification of the UX antibody label in immunolocalizations of Col-0, PcGCE7 and PcGCE13.

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