Labour Consciousness and the 1971-72 Contract Workers Strike in Namibia


  • Richard Moorsom

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    Richard Moorsom is registered for a Ph.D at the University of Sussex. His publications include ‘Underdevelopment and Class Formation: The Origins of Migrant Labour in Namibia, 1845–1915’, in T. Adler (ed): Perspectives on South Africa: a collection of working papers (African Studies Institute, Wit-waterstrand, 1977); ‘Underdevelopment and Class Formation: the Birth of the Contract Labour System in Namibia, 1904-26’, in M. Legassick & H. Wolpe: Race, Class and Underdevelopment in South Africa (forthcoming); ‘Underdevelopment, Contract Labour and Worker Consciousness in Namibia, 1915-72’, JSAS, October 1977; with W. G. Clarence-Smith: ‘Underdevelopment and Class Formation in Ovamboland, 1845–1914’, JAH, 16 (3), 1975, and with minor revisions in R. Palmer et al: The Roots of Rural Poverty in Central and Southern Africa (Heinemann 1977)