Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Rashid Amjad (ed.). Human Resource Planning: The Asian Experience.

Richard Hosier (ed.), Energy, Environment and Development in Africa. Uppsala, Sweden: The Scandinavian Institute of African Studies in association with the Beijer Institute and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Vol. 9, Zimbabwe: Energy Planning for National Development, 1986, xii + 206pp; Vol.10, Zimbabwe: Industrial and Commercial Energy Use, 1988, 142pp; Vol. 11, Energy for Rural Development in Zimbabwe, 1988, 248pp. SEK 70/SEK 40 for Third World countries, hardback.

David Burch, Overseas Aid and the Transfer of Technology.

T.N. Srinivasan and Pranab K. Bardhan (eds). Rural Poverty in South Asia.

John Iliffe, The African Poor: A History.

E. Wayne Nafziger, Inequality in Africa: Political Elites, Proletariat, Peasants and the Poor.

Randolph C. Kent, Anatomy of Disaster Relief: The International Network in Action.

War Wounds: Development Costs of Conflict in Southern Sudan. Sudanese People Report on Their War.

A.G.M. Ahmed and Gunnar M. Sørbo (eds), Management of the Crisis in the Sudan: Proceedings of the Bergen Forum 23–24 February 1989.

Donald A. Wilwhite and William E. Easterling (eds), with Deborah A. Wood, Planning for Drought: Toward a Reduction of Societal Vulnerability.

Keith McLachlan, The Neglected Garden: The Politics and Ecology of Agriculture in Iran.

Philip Rallies, Modernising Hunger: Famine. Food Surplus and Farm Policy in the EEC and Africa.

Roger Jeffery, The Politics of Health in India.

Ben Wisner, Power and Need in Africa: Basic Human Needs and Development Policies.

Herlbert Adam and Kogila Moodley, South Africa Without Apartheid: Dismantling Racial Domination.

John Suckling and Landeg While (eds). After Apartheid: Renewal of the South African Economy.

William Cobbett and Robin Cohen (eds), Popular Struggles in South Africa: Review of African Political Economy.

Ann Seidman, The Roots of Crisis in Southern Africa.

Peler H. Katjavivi, A History of Resistance in Namibia.

Irene Silverblatt, Moon, Sun and Witches. Gender Ideologies and Class in Inca and Colonial Peru.

David Rock, Argentina 1516–1987: From Spanish Colonization to Alfonsin.

Barry Ames, Political Survival. Politicians and Public Policy in Latin America.

Abel Aganbegyan, The Challenge: Economics of Perestroika.

Ronaldo Munck, The New International Labour Studies. An Introduction.