Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Dime Elson (ed.), Male Bias In the Development Process

Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive - Women, Ecology and Development

Lynne Brydon and Sylvia Chant, Women in the Third World. Gender Issuap in Rural and Urban A m

Lecllmma Devda and V.V. Devaoia (eds), Women in India. Equality, Social Justice und Development

Maitbnyi KriSh˜rnj and KENM Cbanpnn (eds), Gender und the Household Do-, Soeial and Cultural Dimensions

WilUnm E. Myers (ed.), Protecting Working Children

John S. Aird, Slaughter of the Innocents: Coercive Birth Control in China

Frank D. Bean, Barry Edmonston and Jeffrey S. Passel (eds), Undocumented Migmtion to the United States: IRCA and the Expcrzsnce of the 1980s

Arthur Hlzkwood with Jane Armitage, Albert Berry, John Knight and Richard Sabot, Education, Work and Pay in Eht Afdca

E.J. Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism since 1780; Programme, MMh, Reality

Keith Forster, Rebellion and Factiona & !sm in a Chinese Province: Zhejipng 19661976