This article corrects:

  1. What's New about Youth? Volume 37, Issue 6, 1425–1434, Article first published online: 29 November 2006

The editors and publisher would like to apologize for some errors in the article What's New about Youth? by Linda Herrera, which appeared in the 2006 Forum issue of the journal (Development and Change 37 (6), 1425–1434. doi:10.1111/j.1467-7660.2006.00537.x). On p.1426 there is a word missing in the last sentence of the second paragraph. The sentence should read: “As the young experience and interact in the world in changing ways, development policies adapt to better address shifting realities.”

On p.1433 in the sentence which starts on line 34, for ‘medication’, read‘mediation’. The sentence should read: “Youth movements, which cover a wide ideological spectrum, are propagated through new means, often without adult mediation and follow novel strategies.”

The following sentence, starting on line 36, should read: “A major concern is how to ascertain the conditions under which youth identify with a given movement, for they range dramatically on the spectrum from peaceful, creative and progressive, to reactionary and violent.”