Global Public Health Security: Inequality, Vulnerability and Public Health System Capabilities


  • Meri Koivusalo,

    1. is a Senior Researcher, National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) PO Box 220, FI-00531 Helsinki, Lintulahdenkuja 4, Finland; e-mail: She has a background in medicine and health policy. She has co-authored a book on international health policies and written extensively on issues related to health policy, international health policy and health implications of other policies. She has served as an expert for the WHO, European Commission and Finnish government. She is currently one of the editors of the Global Social Policy journal.
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  • Maureen Mackintosh

    1. is Professor of Economics, Open University, UK; e-mail: Together with Meri Koivusalo she co-ordinated an international UNRISD project on commercialization of health care, which resulted in an edited book. She is currently researching, also with Meri Koivusalo and researchers in India and Tanzania, the role of non-governmental organizations in access to essential medicines. Her central research interest is in the operation of health-related markets and their implications for the public good and the public detriment.
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